June 12


When I was visiting at the hospital this evening, they were watching the basketball game between Golden State and the Ohio Cavaliers.  The announcer mentioned that the price for the tickets for this series was $9000.  I almost fainted.

When I got home and mentioned this to my friend, she looked at the Internet and discovered that tickets for the final game are going for $119,000.  I couldn’t believe it.

While some people think these tickets are being sold to rich people, I honestly believe that they are being sold to people who can ill afford to buy them and are probably charging them.

I think I always knew the tickets were costly, but I never in my wildest dreams could have guessed they were this much.  Truly I am stunned.

The whole thing makes me sad.  I am not against sports or the players making a decent living, but  the money involved in their contracts, the tickets for events and the whole thing is hard to imagine.  I wish there were some way to get things evened out in our society.  It is so sad to see people with needs go without and it is equally sad to see people spend money they truly do not have and have little hope of paying off anytime in the neat future.

We need to trust our lives to Jesus and let him lead us in the way everlasting.

Father, this whole scenario raises a dilemma which is hard for me to understand.  It is also hard to visualize a way to reconcile it and to find a good answer.  Please be with the people who make these decisions and give them your wisdom.  Amen.

Proverbs 3:5


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