June 13

No more TV…..

I never watch TV and the volunteer who lives with me only watches on her own laptop.  My grandson didn’t watch when he was here and I checked with my tenant downstairs and she only watches one show a week and said she had been thinking of stopping watching so I collected the cable boxes and took them to the cable off and canceled my account.  This will be a nice little savings every month and I won’t miss TV since I never watched anyway.

I do see some TV when I go to visit at the hospital as it is always on in every room I think and in the room where they eat.  SOmetimes I wonder at the channels it is tuned to, but I don’t know whose choice it is.

The woman I visit most loves sports and she watches a lot of golf, ice skating and sometimes track.  She is not into football or basketball and not much baseball.  I didn’t know much about gold when I started watching with her, but I am definitely getting better at understanding it.

I guess the biggest problem I see with TV is the amount of time it can waste.  A woman told me that she realized she was watching all day long and she said that helped her decide to go back to work.  She missed being around people to talk with and doing something meaningful so she started out part time and is now full time as a nurse at the clinic.  Everyone is glad to see her back to work as they appreciated her.  I am sure this is nice for her too.

God doesn’t want us to waste time.  I think he is OK with real relaxation and quiet time, but time just spend in idle watching can’t be good or contribute to his kingdom.

Father, thank you for giving me the nudge I needed to turn in the equipment for the TV.  It was a good decision and one I needed to make.  Thank you.  Amen.

Ecclesiastes 3:1


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