June 14

Flag Day….

When I drove through Main Street this morning I noticed all the flags.  For just a minute I wondered what the holiday was, but then I remembered it was June 14, Flag Day, my Dad’s birthday.  Oh, goodness, if he were alive he would be 117 and my mom would be 122.  That means she has been gone longer than she was alive.

Lately I have read several books in which the father of the main character was no longer living.  I can easily relate to that situation since both of my parents are gone and both of my husband’s parents are gone.  In each of these books, one character is moaning and grumbling about their parent when the other character says, “I would love to talk to my Dad even if he did criticize me.”

It seems that we never realize just how important a person is  until we can no longer speak and interact with that person.  With our hurried life, we are always so busy with this or that activity, that we miss a lot of opportunities to spend time with others who are really important to us.

Once you realize this it is essential that you make the most of every opportunity for those interactions.  And if those opportunities are not occurring frequently, you need to find ways to make them occur so you can experience these interactions.  For some of us, it means traveling to see family.  It means intentionally calling or texting or emailing frequently.  In short, it means been intentional all the time when it comes to these relationships.

We need to have these times with God above all.  Of course we can call or text or email, but we can talk to him throughout the day and at length at certain times of the day.  Truly we can do no less.  We can journal our thoughts and we can listen for his still small voice.

Father, help me to be intentional in every way every day.  Help me not to give up.  Amen.

I Corinthians 9:14-27




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