June 17

In person….

In this day and age of technology and electronics, it is interesting to me that sometimes it takes a face to face meeting in person to actually accomplish a task.

From my experience it seems that usually young adults favor texting over actual phone calls.  I tried both to no avail and finally decided to resort to finding the person I wanted information from in person.

Once I did that, sure enough I was able to get the answers to my questions and determine what my next step would be.

I wanted to have the five students who graduated from the college with their AA and their high school diploma over for dinner and a time to talk about their first year at their four year universities.  Several of them had told me they wanted to do this and I knew I needed to act quickly as the young men would be going fishing soon.  As I mentioned earlier, texting and even phone calls did not help me sort out all of their work schedules so I finally tracked down the young woman I had put in charge and face to face we worked out the issues and determined a time that would work for everyone.

I was rather surprised that it can back to this face to face meeting.  Personally I love face to face meetings and actual phone conversations a lot more than texting and social media, but I was stunned that that’s what it took to come to a decision about the time and date.

This just tells me that in spite of the fact that solving things in person is not usually  the way things are done, it really does still work and works quite well.

Father, thank you for helping me determine the date and time for our get together and thank you for giving me persistence.  Amen.

I Thessalonians 5:17


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