June 18

Father’s Day…

Today at church we sang one of my husband’s favorites–Days of Elijah.  It brought back many memories of him and then I also thought of my son and my son in law and their role as father.  This of course led me to think of my heavenly father, God and soon I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Normally I don’t feel so moved to tears, but today that was the case.  As my mind moved back and then forward again I thought of how much I appreciated each of these men and their influence in my life and I also thanked God for his giving me such a wonderful gift.

Later, downstairs with the children during the lesson I tried to help them understand how important our heavenly father is and how much he does for us.  One little five year old asked me if I knew that God loved us when I was midway through the lesson.  I told that indeed I did and I also hoped silently that she was listening to what I was trying to help her learn.

I am indeed thankful for the fathers in my life, including my own father.  Earlier this week several of the seniors at the nursing home where I visit daily were retelling stories of their fathers and I remembered many stories about my own father, some of which I told.

I need to write these down so my grandchildren and my own children will have those memories  where they can refer to them again and again.  I think it is important for us to keep those memories alive so we can  remember to give thanks for their influence in our lives.

Father, I am so thankful for you and for all of the earthly fathers in my life.  Thank you for what they did for me throughout my life and for the love you give me daily.  I am truly overwhelmed.  Amen.

Psalm 103:13


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