June 25

Live and learn….

Today’s Sunday School lesson was on parables about the Kingdom of God.  The activity was making “Parable Cinnamon Rolls.”

I thought this would be a no brainer as I make cinnamon rolls regularly.  Substituting crescent rolls from the can would be a quick and easy way to accomplish the task.  I got the idea from rotation.org.  I assembled all of my ingredient well ahead of time and thought I was good to go.

Therein lay my  mistake.  Not  until I surveyed the finished product did I realize the importance of keeping the container of crescent rolls refrigerated.  Yes, they were a little tricky to assemble; yes, they were a little hard for the kids to cut into rolls, but little did I realize the error of my thinking.

When I took them out of the oven, they were cooked all right, but they were all over the pan and only two actually looked like a cinnamon roll.  Keeping that dough cold and firm was essential to success.

Naturally, with all of the brown sugar/cinnamon filling and glaze on top, the kids thought the cinnamon rolls were a complete success.  No one complained about their lack of fluffiness.  No one said anything about their lack of rising (we had discussed yeast and how it works).  No one said a word of complaint.  They were too busy eating and enjoying the fruits of their labors.

But I learned my lesson.  The next time I use crescent rolls from the store, I will keep them refrigerated until I use them regardless of what recipe I am using.  My experience tells me I will be more successful next time.

I am thankful for ways to learn and experiences that teach me how to be “on my toes” so to speak.  I am thankful that all things considered, the kids had fun, hopefully learned more about the Kingdom of God and enjoyed their rolls. (ThJohn 6:35ey each took some home.)

Father, you are always so good to me.  Even when I mess up, you make it turn out all right and the kids were excited about the results in spite of the appearance of their cinnamon rolls.  You have blessed me abundantly.  Amen.

John 6:35


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