June 26

Photoshop lesson….

I had my first Photoshop lesson this morning.  I learned how to retouch better, how to airbrush and how to color correct.  My homework is to practice these skills before my next lesson.

I definitely want to practice because that is how I learn best.  Also, because I don’t use Photoshop on a consistent basis, that means I need a lot of practice.  I use it at lot sporadically throughout the year and especially when I am teaching it during that semester, but in all honesty, I need a lot more practice.

My teacher is one of my former students who is really artistically gifted and a good teacher.  It was fun to have her teach me and fun to learn new skills. I am looking forward to my next lesson.

We always think of teaching as a gift, but I am inclined to believe that learning is a gift too.  Some people learn easily and for others it is more difficult.  I have always believed that if you know your learning style you will be able to learn better.  I learn best by doing and by writing the information down.  Others learn best by hearing and still others learn best by seeing.  I try to help my students discover their learning style in the hopes that it will help them learn better.

Yesterday the pastor challenged us to learn memory verses.  Actually I learned a lot of verses as a kid and I still remember them, but he has some specific ones he wants us to memorize and they are ones I don’t have committed to memory.  I started on the first one this morning.  I wrote it down and then broke it apart and started to repeat it aloud.  I have done it a few times today and I need to continue to do it so it will stick in my brain.  I think this is a good habit for me to undertake and I am glad for this challenge.

Father, thank you for those who teach and for the gift of learning.  Help me to hide more of your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.  I love you.  Amen.

Ephesians 6:17




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