June 28

Need ideas…..

look at Pinterest!.  I have learned that if you want an idea, you need to look no further than Pinterest.  While I do not spend much time on Pinterest I know I can depend on it to give me the idea I need.

Today I was looking for a tag idea for my friend to make to go with the gifts she wrapped yesterday.  I only had to look for a minute and there it was:  a little yarn, a lot of love.  It was perfect.  She will be able to make special tags and we will put them on the gifts.  Her daughter who lives here has made fabric bags for each of her sisters (there are three) who are coming for a visit.  This is a first to have them all here together.

My friend is hoping for good enough weather to go out the road for a picnic and I hope for her sake that it does turn out well.  The forecast is not good for the time they will be here, but I have seen the forecast change by the hour so I think it is too soon to give up. There is always hope.

They will be here over the Fourth of July and the hospital always has a special bar-b-que so that will be nice for them too.  Of course the town has a big shindig on Main Street and there is the Kelp Box Derby which is always fun to watch so I think it will work out well.

I am so blessed and thankful for great ideas.

Father, thank you for always helping me solve problems in such an easy manner.  I am thankful for the many ideas on Pinterest and for the creativity of these women and men.  What a blessing.  Amen.

Psalm 104:24


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