June 30

Dinner guests…..

When you invite others over for dinner, you never know what to expect.  Will they like what you prepare?  Will the conversation go smoothly?  Will everyone have a good time?

Today I felt pretty confident about the food for my guests since I asked the woman what she suggested and she had specific ideas.

At first I felt a little flustered as I could not find the recipe, but eventually I did locate and I was happy to have my memory jogged.  Once I read the recipe I remembered it from another time.  I decided to make a specific salad I liked.  I wondered about that too as I had made it at home and it did not go over very positively.  One person did not like the dressing and the other did not like the salad, but I decided to take a chance anyway.  The dessert was easy as it was a request too and one I have made many, many times.

I was serving salmon and I also had halibut.  I wanted a quick and easy recipe for the halibut and I called a friend, but did not hear from her.  With time fleeting, I called back and she gave me a great recipe which I quickly put together.

At the end of the evening, I was very happy.  All of the food was a big hit and I was thankful things had turned out well.

I am sure I should have been more trusting.  It’s not like I am a novice cook, but I just wanted things to go well and I think that made me more concerned.  I need to learn to be more trusting in even the little things in my life.  I tend to be able to handle the big things, but it is the little ones that trip me up.  I will keep this in my memory and remember it when I start to question the little things.  God is always faithful.  I know this well.

Father, thank you for always taking care of every little detail.  Help me to be more trusting.  Amen.

Galatians 5:22-23


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