July 3


I’ve never been prompted by hunger in my entire life.

I see and read about homeless people who are prompted by hunger.  Some of them go to shelters or food kitchens, others try to rely on old friends and still others are moved to acts of violence or crime to satisfy their hunger.

Lately I’ve seen what hunger can do among wild creatures.  In all my years of living in Cordova I have never had problems with birds and the garbage.  I put my trashcan out on pickup day and leave it.  But the last two weeks the birds have picked at it so much that it has been strewn all over the ground and not only I, but the neighbors across the street, have picked it up numerous times.

At first I thought there was some particular smell that attracted the birds, but now I am guessing it is pure hunger.  They have really gone through the trash in a mighty way.  I saw one bird flying away with a big chunk of something with the other birds in hot pursuit.

I tried not to put out the trash until just before the scheduled pickup, but the trashmen did not come all day which resulted in the birds getting into it.

One man told me not to use white bags, but even the black bag did not deter the birds.  It might be the smell, but I am inclined to think it is hunger.

The Bible tells us to hunger and thirst after righteousness.  When I think of the birds and their hunger, I understand the hunger of the Scripture better.  It should be a driving force in my life and move me to act.  The Message translation says we are to work up a good appetite for God.  That is my goal.

Father, help me to hunger and thirst for you.  Let me be driven by that desire and let me be a witness to you in all I do.  Amen.

Matthew 5:6


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