July 6

Icons removed…..

Today Cordova saw the removal of an icon that had been here for many, many years.  The Wells Fargo bank got a new sign and the old time and temperature addition to the old sign was removed.  Apparently it wasn’t electrically up to code and the parts needed to keep it running accurately are no longer available.

Everyone will miss this icon.  We all looked to it many times a day to keep us on schedule and to assure our thoughts that the temperatures were climbing or falling as the season dictated.

Isn’t it wonderful that the one book that can keep us on schedule and order our days will never be removed.  I say that with certainty because as we hide its words in our hearts we will always have the Bible with us.

This is the one book that can keep us on track and give us the wisdom and guidance we crave for our days.  We may not be able to find the exact physical temperature, but we can find the spiritual temperature we need in our lives. And we know that the spiritual temperature is far more important.

I praise God for his word that gives me just what I need daily.

Father, thank you for the gift of your word that guides, comforts and helps me minute by minute.  I praise your name.  Amen.

Matthew 4:4



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