July 8

Hidden Treasures…..

Our Hidden Treasures event was today.  I was surprised by the people who reserved a table and did not come and by those who just showed up and wanted a table.  I was also surprised that so many men came to look things over.  None of them bought anything or took anything from the free table.  I wonder what they were looking for.

It was a really rainy day and I wonder if that kept people away.  There was a stream of people, but they were mostly just single people wandering in, no groups.  Most of them said they did not know about the event in spite of our advertising it in the typical places.

I learned several lessons from this.  More advertising is needed.  The typical spots on the Internet are not enough for this type of event.  A big, outdoor sign is needed to attract people who are driving by.  Having things for free is a great idea.  My free table got rid of a lot of stuff which was a blessing.

There are hidden treasures just waiting to be found in life.  The biggest of these is of course the Good News of the Gospel.  It is surprising how many people don’t really know the word of God.  I have a little girl in Sunday School who always asks me if the story is in the Bible.  I have shown it to her, but she continues to ask every week.  The hidden treasures in the Bible are there for everyone, just like our hidden treasures on the tables today.  We just need people to come and be open to finding out what they are.

Father, the greatest treasure in life is the gift of eternity with you.  Help me to teach this every opportunity I get.  Make me aware of those opportunities daily.  Amen.

Romans 10:9


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