July 9


Today we had guest missionaries speak at church.  We support their ministry with Alaska Native young people who need mentoring and leadership direction. I had the opportunity to introduce them to the kids in our Mission Adventures Sunday evening class.  We had learned about them this year.

It was great to hear them speak and then later for me to host them for dinner with our volunteers and music director.  We had the opportunity to learn about their work and about them and to share stories together.

We are all missionaries for Christ.  It is hard for people to really understand this concept, but it is true.  Every day we are given opportunities to minister to other people and as we serve Jesus, we can find ways to encourage and help them.  A lot of people think being a missionary is different from everyday service to Jesus, but I  think more of them are doing missionary work than we realize.  They are reaching out to others and helping them\.  If they also take the opportunity to bless those they help, they will be doing the work of a missionary all the time.

Father, help us all to realize that we are called to service in your name.  Increase our boldness in serving you.  Amen.

John 3:17-21

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