July 10

Last minute….

Whenever you are going somewhere, regardless if it is for a few days or for many, there are always a lot of last minute things to do before you are ready to leave.  I have been trying to whittle down the list and I thought I was near the end when I realized that I had a present to wrap and mail today.     I accomplished that and also made it to my physical therapy appointment.  Tomorrow I have acupuncture in the morning.  Since my flight leaves late in the afternoon, I have time to get everything done I think.

I have been wondering why I leave things to the last minute.  Actually, that is not quite true.  I didn’t leave sending the gift or mailing the  leftover Senior bibles and VBS CDs until I was ready to leave on my trip, I simply didn’t do it in a timely fashion.

I have begun to think that it is because I was putting off something I really didn’t want to do.  That’s kind of crazy on my part because I don’t really mind doing these things.  I simply didn’t do it.

The Bible calls the man who shows procrastination a sluggard or slothful.  If I apply those terms to myself, it makes me want to get moving.  When I think of myself as unwise or lacking prudence, being a sluggard or slothful, I want to get all of my tasks finished and be thankful they are done.

Father, thank you for your words that say it like it really is.  Help me to apply those words to myself and let me be moved to action.  I praise your name.  Amen.

I Corinthians 14:40




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