July 12-16

Travel and visits with my daughter and her family…..

One of the most notable events of this time period was the total closing of the Chicago-O’Hare Airport due to weather while I was waiting for the plane to Memphis.  This resulted in a delay of 4 hours in my travel and arrival in Tennessee.  And once I did get to Memphis, the baggage took more than 45 minutes to show up on the carousel.  Airport personnel said it was due to the high volume of flights arriving at that time.

Another funny incident that occurred during my travel was also connected to Chicago-O’Hare.  Once the plane was cleared to take off, it was discovered that someone had flushed something improper down the toilet.  Attempts were made to pressurize the system with the passengers on board, but eventually we had to deplane.  We were told to use the toilets as once we did get in flight the toilets would only be available at 18,000 feet which would be for a very short period.


Once I did get to Memphis, I spent time updating my grandkids’ scrapbooks which is a yearly task that is fun for me.  It give me a bird’s eye view into their school year.

I spent the rest of my time there cooking, knitting and talking with my grandkids and finally getting ready for our trip to the family reunion which started on Sunday.

Father, thank you for the blessing of being with my family.  Thank you for giving me ways to be involved in their lives.  You are wonderful.  Amen.

I John 2:27


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