August 3


God gives us trials to make us strong.  He wants us to endure so our character will grow.  As we mature, we are better able to follow him and to bring others to Christ.

The thing about trials is that I have found my trials to be pretty trivial in comparison with the trials of others.  When I see someone going through a period of problems, I realize that any trial I have faced is of little consequence.

I realize that when these trials come I need to take a deep breath, remember the words in the Bible about not worrying and then think on the things that bring joy and peace.

Lately I have been thinking about retirement and I am trying to come up with a plan that makes sense to me.  I am thinking about living in a tiny house.  They really appeal to me and I know that would make me get rid of all the excess stuff in my life.  At this point it doesn’t feel like a true trial, but it may become one.  I have no idea.

I want to persevere and become a great example to others as I go through the trials in life and I realize what seems like a trial to me may not be one to someone else.

I think it is good to keep this in mind as the situations and experiences others feel are trials may not look like it to me, but if they are terrible to them, that’s what matters as I relate to them and offer help.

So often we forget this and tend to dismiss these trials as of little consequence.  It doesn’t matter what we think or perceive about the situation.  What matters is what others see as their trials.  We need to pray for them and encourage them in any way possible.

Father, I know you give us hope and the strength we need to overcome or go through the trials in our lives.  Build my character and help me to have hope.  Amen.

Romans 5:3-5


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