August 5


My grandson is visiting from Kansas.  He used to live in Cordova and really wanted to see his old friends, but so far he has only been able to get in contact with one of them.  I thought about flying him to see his best friend who is working on a family boat, but the price is just too high so that friend will have to wait until another time.

The good thing is that he has made another friend and has been spending time with both boys.  He took them to the Home Port at church tonight and they had a great time.  One boy’s step grandma told me how great it was to hear him really laugh and have fun.

I can see my grandson’s leadership in other ways too.  He is able to encourage younger kids to do the right thing without getting them angry.  That is a great skill to have.  He is a leader in his Scout troop back in Kansas and I am glad he is being encouraged to develop that skill.

There are always times when your leadership skill will be tested and I know that will confront my grandson.  I will keep praying that he will be strong and remember what he has been taught about the Lord Jesus and that he will make good decisions.  We have talked about this and about consequences and he understands my concern for which I am thankful.

Father, thank you for blessing me with a great grandson and giving him skills which he is using wisely.  Help him to continue to grow in Christ and to accept his leadership role.  Amen.

I Timothy 4:12



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