August 7


I had another Photoshop lesson this morning.  I asked one of my former students to come instruct me.  She is a lot better than I am and has used all of the tools a lot more than I have.  I am confident that if I used Photoshop as much as the kids do I would be a lot more proficient at it.

She helped me learn some new tricks and we talked about extra projects for the students when they finish learning how to use the tools.  She is also willing to give me help during the semester if I get stuck.

I love being able to get help from my former students.  I am encouraged that they are such great learners and willing to share their expertise.  I am also encouraged that college is going so well for them.  This particular student is very happy at school and feels that the college gave her a great head start which is a blessing to me.

Father, thank you for help which arrives in so many different ways.  I am always amazed and blessed.  Amen.

Isaiah 40:10


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