August 8


My grandson requested a sleepover last night and this morning he told me they had been awake all night.  I was busy making banana bread and pumpkin bread for their breakfast and I could hear them, but when I finished it was totally quiet in their room, so I am guessing sleep finally overtook them.  My grandson told me they weren’t sleepy, but I know how that goes.

I would think he would be sleepy just from all the work we did yesterday.  We got his blueberry jam made and in jars.  We made a rhubarb custard pie which he really wanted to do.  And we discussed a lot of other baking ideas too.  It was fun working together.

When I think of our kitchen efforts, I am reminded that most things are easier when they are undertaken by more than one person.  Having another one there to talk to, to discuss how things are going makes tasks easier and seem to take less time.

Of course we always have someone there to help us shoulder the Lord.  The Holy Spirit that God has given us never leaves us or forsakes us.  It seems that sometimes we forget that help and assume that we are all alone, but that is simply not the case.  As long as we can remind ourselves of the presence and help, the comfort of the Holy Spirit, we can work with renewed energy and focus.

Father, the gift of your Holy Spirit is such a blessing.  Help me to keep my mind and eye on you.  Amen.

John 14:26



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