August 11

Lessons learned….

Yesterday I had my grandson install some under the counter lights in the kitchen.  It was pretty funny to witness the process.  It reminded me so much of his dad at just the same age.  They both have hot tempers and they both expect things  to turn out a certain way. My grandson acted just like his dad and got very frustrated in the process.  However, he persevered and the installation turned out well.

Nevertheless, we were presented with a problem.  The remote does not work.  Well, that is actually inaccurate.  It doesn’t work on the newly installed lights, but it does turn the old lights off and on.  We tried everything and could not come up with a resolution other than just plugging and unplugging the cord.  I am sure we will eventually get to the bottom of it.

In the course of the installation I told my grandson why his dad pushes him to do these things and that his grandpa had pushed his dad.  He told me that he knew that and understood it, but it was hard to do tasks that were not easy for him.

Isn’t that true of all of us?  We don’t like to do things that don’t come easily for us. But God offers us help and he says if we trust in him, he will give us the strength to accomplish the task.  It is hard to remember that in the heat of the moment when we are trying to accomplish a task and we’re having problems.  We have to constantly remind ourselves of those promises of help and then the big thing is actually believing them and trusting in them.

I have a couple of situations facing me in which I am leaning on God to provide the answers.  My co-worker can’t believe I am not totally stressed. I keep telling her God will give me the answers I need.  They may not be the exact ones I want, but I am sure that He has a plan and I need to be patient and wait for that plan to unfold.

Father, I am so thankful I can put my problems in your hands and know that you will provide the answers I need.  I rest in complete confidence and trust in you.  “Smile your blessing, smile” as your words in Psalm 80: 3 say.  Thank you.  Amen.

Psalm 80:3-6



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