August 12


Yesterday afternoon my grandson and I embarked on a little journey.  He wanted to see the end of the road so we got our lunch courtesy of the local electric cooperative and gassed up and set out.

We stopped at the visitor’s pavilion and ate there.  Then we continued on.  As we passed many different sites along the way I of course gave my grandson some commentary.  He was driving.

We got to the end of the road and he was quite distressed that we could not cross the river and continue on to the glacier.  I had told him this and he actually knew it, but he was still distressed.

On our way back to town, we stopped at One Eyed Pond, the recreation area next to it, Alaganik Slough where we got out and walked the boardwalk, and Sheridan Glacier. It began to rain quite heavily, but we got out and walked to the point where you can see the glacier.  We were soaked, but my grandson was happy we did this.

He grilled some salmon for our dinner while I made the salad and cheesy potatoes.

Then we made Swedish tea ring and a loaf of bread and delivered them to the pastor and the youth pastor which was all my grandson’s idea.  He had some left for his breakfast today.

It was interesting to view these places through his eyes.  I have been to all of these places many times, but it was obvious he saw them through new eyes.  He immediately started planning our next family reunion and of course it would be in Cordova.  He actually wants it next year, but I reminded him that we do it every two years and next year we have a graduation and a wedding in our family.

He has always loved Cordova and when his family moved he was not happy.  He would come back here in a heartbeat, but that is not to be as nearly as I can see.

I encouraged him to be happy where he is and to find ways to be a blessing to his family.  After working on the Sustainability badge for Boy Scouts and being in Cordova I think he has a new appreciation for money and what it can mean for a family.

Being a grandmother reminds me that our job of parenting is never really through.  We have many opportunities to be an influence in the lives of our kids and their families and we can make a big difference.

Father, I am thankful for my grandson’s appreciation of Cordova, for a fresh look at familiar places.  I am thankful that he treasures our family reunions so much.  You have blessed me abundantly and I praise you.  Amen.

Luke 6:38


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