August 13


My grandson made it home today and his jam survived the trip too.  I had him put each jar in a sock and double the sock.  I put them in different places in the suitcase and they all weathered the travel very well.  He did not think my technique would work, but I thought it was worth a chance.

It’s funny the things that work and the way we pack.  My husband was notorious for packing at the last minute.  That is definitely not my style, but I just used to lay out my stuff a day or so in advance and then not worry about it and it always worked out well.

I think we all have our styles of many things and we learn to tolerate or accept the styles of others.  Sometimes there is only one style and we discover that we need to go that way or risk problems. Jesus made it clear that he was the way, the truth and the life and it seemed to take the children of Israel years and years to discover God’s style and the people in the New Testament His style.  The quicker we make that discovery and then abide by it, the sooner we will have the joy  we seek.

As his children we need to infuse the joy of Jesus into every situation we can.  We need to double the joy of others.  Their style matters little.  What matters is living for Jesus with joy.

Father, thank you for the joy which can be ours if we accept it.  Help me to follow you and to look to you for guidance and wisdom.  Let style drop away.  Amen.

Romans 15:13



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