October 16

It’s my birthday…..

Someone asked me if I had thought about this birthday growing up and how it would look.  I answered no as I don’t remember thinking about any particular birthday and what I would be doing.  I especially am not sure I thought about birthdays as a senior citizen.

Today is like a lot of other birthdays.  I came to school, taught my classes and soon will go to Good News Kids and teach them about Jesus.  Then I’ll go to the hospital to see my friends there and knit with them.  Eventually I will go home.

This birthday is unlike many others in that I have had a lot of really special text messages  complete with emoticons wishing me happy birthday.  I don’t remember that in the past.  I have heard from my children, grandchildren, and many friends.

I am feeling blessed by God and thankful for the joy all these greetings bring.

Father, thank you for my family and friends and the wonderful blessing they are to me today and every day.  I am loved.  Amen.

I Corinthians 16:14




October 15


I love children.  Even some of the rapscallions.  But today we did not have any of those at Sunday School.  We have a new little girl who is very shy, but with the love and attention from my oldest girl, she is making real progress in fitting in and being happy.  All of the children like to play with her during our playtime and my sweet little helper can get her to be an integral part of our play, our games, and our activities.

My helper has a sister who is autistic and she is very patient with her and works with her well too.  I am so thankful for her and really appreciate all she does for our class.  She is a very precious helper and a sweet girl.

Really, I like children of all ages and teens and young adults as well.  I guess that is why I still enjoy teaching them as much as when I first started years ago.  I remember knowing in second grade that I wanted to be a teacher and I’ve never really wanted to be anything else.  It is such a joy to help children learn whether it be to read or to understand a Bible story.

I am thankful God has given me so many wonderful teaching opportunities and so much love for children.

Father, you have blessed me abundantly and I am so thankful.  I love children of all ages and I love teaching them.  Thank you for giving me so many wonderful opportunities to share that love with them.  I love you.  Amen.

James 1:17

October 14

Tidying up…

I managed to finish my tidying up of the bedroom following the guidelines set down in the book, “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”  Now my goal is to keep that room tidied up like I have managed to keep the kitchen cupboards and drawers and the drawers in the dining room.

I am doubtful that there can only be one method that works when you think of getting your house organized, but as long as you have a method and you use it and don’t get sidetracked, I think it can work.  Since I have not been successful in getting rid of all of my clutter in the past, this method is worth trying.

I still need to tidy up a closet in the guest room and two other rooms in my house.  I do think they will either be the straw that broke the camel’s back or the key to success. These rooms are filled with papers, books, moments, etc.  There is a lot to discard and a lot more to sort through and decide how to manage it.  I will keep reading the directions and hope for the best.

As nearly as I can tell, the key is going through the process all at once and sticking with your plan.  I actually did part of one of these rooms in the past, but I did not complete the job so this time I need to really stick with it and make myself finish tidying up.

I will have to pick a day when I have enough time to accomplish the task and then I think I can be successful.

I am thankful that people come up with methods that work and that God has given me the incentive to accomplish the task before me.

Father, thank you for good ideas and for helping me accomplish part of my goal.  Help me to be successful as I proceed toward the final goal.  Amen.

Proverbs 21:5


October 13

Answers to prayer…

Yesterday my son texted me an urgent prayer request.  The father of one of his volleyball players was injured in a car accident that totaled his vehicle and gave him head wounds plus he was unconscious.  Naturally I started praying for him as I am sure many others did too.

Late last night I got an update from my son saying this man was out of the hospital, his c-scan came back good and he was on the way home.  He was told to take it easy for awhile.  What a wonderful answer to prayer and a huge praise to God.

Sometimes we forget to give God enough praise when we get an answer like this one.  Once is definitely not enough and just thinking of how amazing this man’s answer is, is cause for rejoicing.

I know I am guilty of thanking God and the going on to the next request or the next thing.  I need to remember to thank God repeatedly and to praise him repeatedly for his goodness, grace and mercy to us all.  Hebrews 4:16 reminds us, “let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.”

Father,  your grace and mercy are overwhelming.  Thank you for your marvelous answers to prayer and for your never-ending grace and mercy to me and others.  I praise your name and give you thanks for your many blessings.  Amen.

2 Peter 1:2

October 12


Rules are made for very good reasons and I myself as a parent, teacher and volunteer have a high regard for rules. In fact I have often wished that all students had to meet a basic set of rules every day. Typically rules help kids and others to be safe and to grow. However, I recently read a blog about looking at rules from a different perspective, that of virtues, values and promises.

I like those words.  Kids don’t like rules as a general thing so not thinking about behavior in those terms is positive.  If we can think of our behavior in terms of how we act and how our behavior affects others, we would be better off.  But of course we have to think about rules like rules of the road, driving rules, and rules that affect others.  I am not sure we can ever completely get away from the concept of rules in general.  But we can change our thinking and approach any situation with a more positive attitude.

A change in thinking helps us to have an attitude of gratitude and reminds us that our values exist because we have adopted them as the right thing for us to incorporate into our lives.

I am hopeful that as more and more people think about the difference between rules and values and the impact of that difference we can move along in a manner that brings blessings to others.

Father, there is a lot to think about and we need to think about what makes the most sense to us and others.  Thank you for loving us and helping us in our daily lives.  Amen.

Proverbs 19:1





October 11

Pleasant words….

A verse in Proverbs reminds us that pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.  The Message translates this verse “gracious speech is like clover honey—good taste to the soul, quick energy for the body.”  I like the idea of energy. We all need energy just to get through the day and we especially need it for doing a good job with our work whether it is paid or volunteer or home.

We all need energy to get through our days and to accomplish our work.  Many people assume we get our energy through the food we consume and through sleep.  But I like the Biblical idea of getting energy through our speech.  This gives a huge emphasis to the words we speak and it also means we have a responsible role to play in the lives of others.  Our speech is even more important that we ever realized.

James reminds us that we need to keep a tight rein on our tongues and be slow to speak. I am certain that if we do this, we will also be more inclined to use gracious speech and thus give quick energy for the body, both ours and that of others.

My goal is to speak pleasant words, to have gracious speech, and to make a difference in the world around me.

Father, thank you for the many ways we can understand the intent of your words.  Help me to speak graciously and to be able to encourage others to have the quick energy we all need.  You bless me daily.  Amen.

Proverbs 16:34; James 1:19

October 10

Happy Anniversary…..

to my son and daughter in law.  Today marks their eighteenth celebration.  It seems only yesterday that they were getting married.  And yet, so much time has passed.  Their son is almost sixteen and their daughter will be twelve in December.  Time really flies.

I just returned from taking the last class pictures at the elementary school.  The kids were in preschool and first grade, but I also some of the sixth grade students I know and it was hard to believe how tall they have grown.  It does remind me that time truly does seem to fly by.

People often talk about the day when Jesus will come again and I’ve always been convinced that it won’t be on the days they are discussing since we don’t know when it will be.  But the fact remains that it is getting closer and closer when you think of all the years that have gone by in your own lifetime.

I was thinking about going home and hiding my head under my pillow this morning as people kept saying more and more negative things.  It seemed as though it was just a continuation of yesterday, but in the big scheme of things, those times are merely minutes in the day and the day is just that–a day in a week or a month.  Time is passing by and it behooves me not to concentrate on the negative words, but to think about what is positive.  Putting my head under my pillow and hiding out won’t fix anything.  It will probably only make me feel badly.  So………….I choose to think about the special day for my son and his wife, to remember his sister and her family will arrive today for a visit, and to relish the beautiful fall leaves outside the grade school and the beautiful fall day complete with some sunshine.

Thank you Lord for special blessings.

Father, you always have the answer and today it is beauty in the midst of strife.  Thank you.  Amen.

Ecclesiastes 3:11