March 20

Ah, technology…..

I wrote yesterday’s blog yesterday and I thought I posted it, but when I got ready to write today’s post, I discovered yesterday’s blog was never posted. First I had to find the draft which was not particularly easy and once I managed that I tried to post it with yesterday’s date, but that was a bust.  Now I will try to write and post today’s blog and see how it goes.

Today a lot of kids are leaving on the Close Up trip.  This brings back memories of the time I was the chaperone for the trip and I remember it as a great experience.  I particularly remember standing in line and finally being admitted to the Supreme Court in session and seeing part of a lawyer’s presentation to the Justices.  It was very educational and I wished then and now that I could have stayed longer.  The amount of time each visitor was allowed to stay was precisely determined.  It was definitely worth the wait.

I hope this year’s kids have a wonderful trip and learn a lot as well as enjoy it.  I think they will if past groups are any indicator.

It means my class will definitely be smaller and a little different in composition, but I have switched the order of my topics to go with the assignments I have given them which I hope will be pertinent to their experiences.

When this group of kids returns, the music kids will be off on their trip.  Some of this group will be the same ones on the current trip and others will be different.  There is a lot of traveling at this time of year.

We all have different experiences and the Bible reminds us that our experiences are important in our lives.  I can’t help thinking about Peter when the soldiers came to arrest Jesus.  In his impulsive manner he cut off the ear of one of the soldiers.  Jesus calmly picked it up and healed the man.  I am sure he was forever changed and I am also certain that Peter was changed.  It didn’t alter the fact that later he denied his Lord three times, but I feel reasonably confident that this experience was one he never forgot.

As God gives us experiences that change us, it is up to us to remember those experiences and let them be used for good in our lives.  Let us be a blessing to others.

Father, thank you for life changing experiences that you give us.  Help us to use those experiences to allow us to be a blessing to others.  Amen.

Luke 22:49-51


March 19

Back to school….

Yes, Spring Break is over and it is back to school.  This is the final quarter of the school year and now the trips begin in earnest.  Some kids go to Close Up which is a two week trip to Washington D. C. and New York City.  Then comes the music trip to Hawaii and Anchorage.  There are some smaller trips through in there too.  It takes a lot of bookkeeping to make sense of it all.

I am planning a trip to my oldest granddaughter’s graduation from graduate school in May and then a trip to her wedding in June.  It will be a lot of traveling, but it will be good.

Some people are planning trips to Cordova during this time–kids from Florida on their Senior visit, some people from the college in Anchorage coming to check out the proposed nursing program, and a few other smaller trips thrown in for good measure.  It takes a lot to keep up.

I am thankful that through it all God will be there to guide and direct me and keep me safe.  I am thankful for blessings too numerous to count and for the gift of encouragement.  I am blessed beyond measure.

Father, thank you, thank you, thank you.  Amen.

Luke 6:28



March 18


We had a new little kiddo in Sunday School today and he came with a high school helper which was great since we had a lot of other little kids too.  Some Sundays we only have older kids, but that was not the case today.

My surprise came when we were singing and playing games.  My helper sang all of the words and did the motions and played all the games wonderfully.  He has been in Sunday School as a kid long ago so he knew all the songs and he has been a helper before. But this is the first time he sang, did the motions and played the games.  It was a wonderful surprise and showed me that he can be a great helper.

The little kid he brought is his cousin I think.  I also think we will be seeing more of him and hopefully his big cousin as a helper. I would love to be surprised again.

Maybe we are helping the big kid figure out what his gifts are and how he can be a help to others.  I believe that finding your gifts and using them for Jesus is a wonderful way to share blessings with others and as you bless them, you reap blessings for yourself.

Romans 12:5-8 clearly encourages us to use our gifts and serve others.  What a blessing it is to do just that.

Father, thank you for the gifts you give each of us.  Thank you for the opportunities to use those gifts for your kingdom here on earth.  Thank you for blessing us abundantly.  Amen.

I Peter 4:10

March 17

More baking and an experiment…

One of our potential customers wanted Filipino Spanish Bread.  I read a lot of recipes online to see how to make this bread and I came to the conclusion that the person who posted a recipe using a cooked filling was the best one to try.

I didn’t think the bread posed any problem, but I wasn’t so confident about the rest of it.  I tried making the bread and then I texted my student to come give it a taste.  Apparently this bread is a staple at every Filipino bakery and it is very loved.

My student brought a friend to try it out.  They said the taste is perfect, but they thought the bread should be thinner.  I also took some to the guy who was working at the hospital some and he gave it two thumbs up.  He had no comment about the thickness of the crust.

However, another person is making this bread in a different shape and selling it for $7 a dozen which puts a little crimp in the sales of my student. Thankfully we are just a few dollars short of his goal so it is not important.  I am going to try Pandesal tomorrow.  It is another even bigger staple at Filipino bakeries.  If I can master it, we might be able to sell some and it is much less labor intensive.

Experiments are fun and I like to try new things so this was a fun day and I also got some more cleaning done. Yay!

Father, thank you for a great day and for baking fun.  I am thankful for getting more cleaning done too.  I am blessed.  Amen.

2 Corinthians 9:15

March 16

Ah ha…..a day of real vacation….

from the college that is.  No students from the high school as they are on their own Spring Break and no work for the college either.

Of course I have plenty to do for myself and for my student.  Actually I decided to hire him to do some of the heavy lifting and other jobs that bother my back.  Plus there is a double blessing here as he will be getting more money toward his goal and thankfully he is very willing to work for me.

We got a lot done on my list and I am very thankful.  I am especially thankful he was not afraid to go up to my attic and put some stuff away and  he also helped me move a bunch of stuff so one of my closets is better situated for guests.  Also he helped me clean my car which really needed it.

I finished my knitting project last night so I was able to start blocking it and today it is well on the way to being dry which means I can wrap and mail it.

I am so thankful for this day and for how productive it was.  What a blessing and a nice end to the week.

Father, thank you for blessing me so abundantly.  I am so thankful.  I love you.  Amen.

Psalm 107:1; Psalm 28:7

March 15


I have been baking a lot trying to help a student earn money toward the school’s trip to Hawaii and Anchorage for music.  He is selling these items on the local Facebook page and then we go to deliver them.

Along with going to school every day, my spring cleaning has not been as productive as I had planned.  I do have tomorrow completely off and I have big plans to accomplish some of the tasks on my list.

I am thankful for the opportunity to help my student and we are making great progress toward his goal.

The Bible encourages us to be thankful and it seems to me that there are so many opportunities daily for me to be thankful.  I should start a blessings list as I am sure it will be very long.  I have the perfect spot to do this and I feel encouraged to get started today.  It will be a great reminder of God’s love for me and others.

Father, thank you for daily opportunities to give you thanks for all you do for me and others.  You are amazing.  Amen.

Psalm 106:1; I Thessalonians 5:18

March 14

The power of prayer….

is amazing.  Of course I knew that, but it is wonderful to be reminded again.

When I went to visit at the hospital last night, the CNAs all thanked me for praying for them and their difficult resident.  They told me the day had been pretty quiet.  It was quiet when I got there and during the entire visit.  It was truly amazing.

I assured them that I would continue praying and I have been doing that.  I am encouraging others to pray as well.

We need to remember that we pray, not as last resort or when we can’t think of what else to do, but because we want talk to God and Jesus about the problem.  Yes, we want to ask for help, but we need to remember to start by praising him for who He is and for his help in the past.  Prayer should be our first line of defense.  It is our direct contact with Jesus and God and it makes all the difference.

Lately I have been waking in the middle of the night unable to go back to sleep.  I always think that those are times that God is calling me to pray.  Sometimes I know exactly what He wants me to pray for and other times I don’t, but I just start and He reminds me of people or situations that need to remember.

When I don’t pray continually, I feel that I am missing talking with my best friend.  I need that time to bask in His presence and to listen for His voice.  So I urge you to pray.

Thank you for praying for this need and for all the needs you see around you.

Father, thank you for your constant love and faithfulness.  Thank you for listening, speaking, and guiding me.  I love you dearly.  Amen.

I Thessalonians 5:17; James 5:16b