May 25


It’s the last day of school.  Everyone is excited–the kids, the teachers and even the staff.  Everyone is getting blue slips signed, lockers cleaned out, computers returned and some are playing games.  Everyone is waiting for the picnic at 12:30.  Even though it is raining outside, the picnic will go on.  It’s a last day of school tradition.

It’s my last day at the college for the school year too which is nice.  Next week if Vacation Bible School and while I am almost ready, now I can concentrate my time and energy on that event.  I have fewer adults than usual, but I have filled in with kids which I think will make it work.

It will definitely be different, but that is good too.  I am really hopeful it will  be great.

Father, thank you for helping me sort out the problems with VBS.  I pray it helps all the kids who attend and that my helpers will be great.  I know you are with us.  Amen.

Philippians 4:19


May 24


After weeks and weeks of waiting, the camera I ordered April 16 with Express shipping finally arrived today.  I went to the window of the Post Office because the tracking number said it was in Cordova, but I didn’t have a package slip in my box. The Post Office employee insisted I did have that slip and finally discovered that instead of Box 18, she put the slip in Box 38.

The she told me that the reason the package did not come Express was because there was a label on the box saying it contained a lithium battery.  She also said the battery met all of the requirements for Express shipping, but some employee made a decision that it was dangerous and changed the Express label to regular shipping, hence the slow arrival.

The Post Office is in the process of refunding my Express label money, but their computer ceased to function so I have to wait.  That is also not a big problem.  I am happy to have the camera.

Now I am trying to learn how to use it since it different from my Canon cameras.  I know there are certain things I need to find and set and I am familiarizing myself with them, but there is definitely a lot to learn and I am glad I have a little time to master it before my granddaughter’s wedding.

The good thing is that the camera is definitely a lot smaller and lighter which is what I really wanted.

Patience is a virtue and the Scripture is replete with reminders that we need to practice patience.  I have spent a lot of this year with the kids  at the Christian Center trying to help them learn about patience and I have been having to work on displaying it myself.

Father, thank you for the gift of patience.  Help me to work at displaying it in every situation and to refusing to let impatience get a hold of me.  You are the best.  Amen.

Romans 5:3-4; Galatians 5:22

May 23

Counting down the days….

The kids are counting down the days until Friday, the last day of school.  I will be glad for the end of school too.  I am trying to get some of the kids who have let some of their work slide caught up.  I hate for them to end up with really poor grades.  It is almost as though they don’t realize what not doing their work can mean, yet, they are old enough to truly understand it.

I try to be really consistent in putting in their grades daily or weekly as the case may be, but I don’t put zeros in quite as quickly.  I think I will remedy that next year and put them in immediately.  Maybe that will spur them on to getting their work in more quickly.

Today the sixth grade came for a school visit.  I am sure they are excited.  Their promotion exercise is tomorrow afternoon and it is exciting to move from one school to the next.  I don’t imagine the eighth graders experience that thrill since junior and senior high are all in the same building.

I remember graduating from ninth grade when I was a girl and then of course from high school.  We called it graduation and since it was seventh through ninth grades, it was a big deal.  At the high school, we only had tenth through twelfth grades.  It is a lot different these days.  I have heard of a few schools that are on the ten through twelve schedule, but very few.

Every year as school draws to a close, I try to think of ways to make the next year better and I have been doing that this year too.  I am always thankful for new opportunities to do a better job.  I love teaching and want to always do the best possible job I can.

Father, you know I wanted to be a teacher even since I was a little girl of seven.  I am thankful for the many years you have given me this opportunity.  Please help me Lord to always do my best and to do a good job that reflects well on you.  I love you and praise your name.  Amen.

Colossians 3:23-24

May 22

It’s better today…

I still don’t feel 100%, but I definitely feel better and I am so thankful.  I didn’t need as much sleep today, but I was certainly glad to go to bed at an early hour and thankful for the warmth it provided.

I don’t know about other people, but I think I take feeling good most every day for granted and I seldom remember to thank God for my good health.  You would think I would remember since I do pray for those who are ill, but I must confess that I am not very good at that.

My car has been having trouble starting and I am also so thankful when it does start right up and I thank Jesus for that.  I need to be more mindful of thanking him for feeling good every day.  It never hurts to say thank you and I don’t think you can say it too much.

Father, help me to be truly thankful for every good and perfect gift you give me.  Help me to remember to give you thanks for good health, for the car starting, for friends and family, for the abundant blessings I enjoy daily.  Please forgive me when I forget to thank you and when I am not paying attention to your great and glorious gifts.  I do love and appreciate your blessings.  Amen.

Psalm 105:1, 106:1, 107:1


May 21

I feel yucky….

Who knows what is wrong with me?  I am sneezing a lot and blowing my nose a lot so I suspect it is a cold, but I don’t feel very well.  I ran home between classes and activities and jumped into my warm bed and slept.

Sleep is the best thing for me I think and I was thankful I could do just that.  Something has been going around Cordova for weeks now and several people told me they had been stuck in their house for four days at a time.  I am hopeful that I do not have whatever this malady is.

Having a good bed and the biomat which keeps it warm for my back is a huge blessing.  I am very thankful.

Father, you know best and I am thankful for sleep and for warmth.  I praise your name.  Amen.

Isaiah 40:29-31

May 20

More parties….

I was invited to a special party honoring four of the graduates this afternoon.  It was held at the City Center which is without a doubt the nicest place in Cordova without a doubt.

Three of the girls were of Filipino descent and one was Peruvian.  Needless to say the food was wonderful and in abundant supply. There were also many tables and chairs which provided a setting where people could really visit and enjoy their time at the party.  It was very nice and well thought out.

I had always wondered about how expensive it was to rent the Center and I had the opportunity to speak to the City’s representative while I was there and before the partu really got started.  She told me that it was not expensive and you only have to pay for the time of your event and not the set up and clean up which was surprising to me.  You do have to help with some of the cleanup but not the mopping of the floors.  I expect you probably have to vacuum.  The City provides the table cloths and you provide any center pieces you want.  It seems like a really good bargain to me and one that most folks would be able to take advantage of.

It is quite a beautiful space with huge windows looking out on the harbor and the ocean and the stairs span two floors.  There is an elevator so it makes access very easy for anyone who needs a little aid. I appreciated getting to learn more about using the space.

Father, you give us so many things in life to make our lives special.  Today’s party reminded me of how much you care for us and how much you help us every day.  I am thankful for good times, for sharing with friends, for being able to enjoy and appreciate good fellowship and good food.  Help us all to thankful of the blessings we have and mindful of what you do for us.  I love you.  Amen.

Philppians 4:19

May 19


This year I got a special seat on the first row which was great for taking pictures of the graduates.  It was a good ceremony and the speeches were all well received.  The music teacher was the speaker chosen by the class and she concluded her speech by singing a song she wrote and accompanying it on a small guitar which the kids loved.

Many of them received several scholarships which should be a big help with their college expenses. It is always surprising to me how astonished some of them are about the cost of the college they choose when it seems it should be apparent from the information the college provides.  Maybe they read it and it just doesn’t sink in.

I was invited to three parties after graduation and I managed to spend a little time at all three.  Everyone seems to understand when you have to leave early as they know there are lots of invitations and lots of places to go.

Graduation seems to have changed from the years when my kids graduated.  I don’t remember any parties and it seems they did not announce any scholarships given by schools, only those given locally.  I think the way they do it now is probably better for everyone.

It is definitely a milestone and I was sorry to see one of the graduate did not choose to attend the ceremony.  I always think the kids should attend as it gives them a great memory to look back on in later years.  This student’s brother even came home from the East Coast to attend his brother’s graduation, but he did not seem all that upset that his brother missed it.

Father, help me to be a source of encouragement to students and thank you for the goals they reach.  Amen.

Philippians 4:13