March 13

Only two people in the entire school…..

It’s a little strange having only two people in the entire school, but on the other hand, it definitely lets you get a lot done without interruptions.

It has also given me extra time for prayer.  I have a lot of people on my prayer list, with new ones being added daily.

Today I am praying for all the CNAs and nurses at the hospital and for one patient in particular.  She is a long term care resident, but probably only in her forties.  She is bed ridden and has to be fed, but there is nothing wrong with her voice or her throwing ability.

She has taken to screaming and yelling, sounding at times like a caged cat and other times like a two year old having a tantrum.  She bangs on her bedside table with anything she can get her hands on and she rings her bell incessantly and throws it at whoever comes near.

The worst part is that she is scaring other residents, particularly one Filipino woman who can’t understand what is really happening.

I am sorely tempted to go in her room and speak to her, but I know I do not have that right.  I have often told the CNAs I will pray for them and last night the CNO asked me to pray for her and all of the staff.  I promised I would and I also said I would pray for the resident.

I am sure it is hard to know you will never be well enough to get out of bed, to walk or even ride in a wheelchair. I am sure it is terrible to endure in the face of these hardships and maybe that is why she can’t bring herself to be kind to anyone.  I honestly don’t know, but I know Jesus does know and cares.  I am praying in earnest for her and for all those who care for her and for those who hear her.  I am going to enlist others to pray as well as pray can move mountains and this is indeed a mountain that needs to be moved.

Father, you love us even when we are the most unlovable.  Please be in the midst of this problem.  Please shower all those at the hospital with your love and mercy.  Help me to be faithful in praying.  Amen.

James 5:16


March 12

Spring Break….

This week is Spring Break at the high school and at the college.  However, there is one little catch.  At the college it only applies to students.  Staff, instructors, and everyone with the exception of students are all supposed to work all week with only Friday off.

The Administrative assistant is going to Anchorage this week, leaving tomorrow on the ferry.  I stayed home today and will go in the rest of the week.  I am only supposed to work six hours a day so I can easily make up the time for being off today.

I worked on my knitting project and read some.  Yes, I want to do some spring cleaning and I have even made a list, but I did not start today.  I also have set a goal to get this sweater finished so I made a real effort today to get the bottom lace edging done.  Then I will only have the ribbing on the sleeves and around the neck to be finished.

I did make my daily trek to the hospital, but I don’t knit on the sweater there so I take other projects.  I just can’t visit, watch television and talk and focus on a pattern.  I can do repetitive patterns with no changes, but that is it.

I am thankful that I reached my knitting goal for today and now I only have the easy part to complete, well relatively easy.  The knitting is easy, picking up the stitches, not so much.

I am also thankful for the wonderful ways in which God cares for me.  They didn’t plow the hills until after 10:00 which would have made getting to school a problem  By the time I went to the hospital, the roads were not as bad.  But only once down and once up for me–that’s my motto.

Father, thank you for all the things you do for me every day.  They are so numerous the list is quite long.  I am especially thankful for your love which is unfailing.  What a blessing.  I pray that others may experience this great blessing too.  Amen.

Psalm 107:1


March 11


Today was the first day in all the years I have lived in Cordova that I slid on flat roads.  To say I was stunned is putting it mildly.  I was quite astonished.

I expected the roads down the hill from my house to be slick and they were, but I had no problems.  Of course technically I was going zero miles per hour and the car was moving.  I got to the bottom safely and was thankful I was not planning another trip down the hill today.

Then after church I went to the hospital for my daily visit and that’s when I slid.  All the cars going down the street were going very slowly as I was and all of us were slipping and sliding and zigzagging down the street.  Since I have never had that experience before, I was quite surprised.

I was also quite thankful for getting there safely.  I never have trouble going up the hills, but today was an exception.  The first hill was like the flat street, filled with snow, slush and rain and it was quite slippery.  I made it up OK, but I had to really pray hard.  The second hill was better.  I think there had been more traffic from the ski hill which packed down the snow and slush better.

I just know that when I was safely in my garage I heaved a sigh of relief and another prayer of thanks for safety up the hills to my house. I am certainly glad that is not an everyday experience.

I will say that getting up and down the hills to my house gives me lots of opportunities to praise God for his help and lots of opportunities to tell others about his kindness and goodness as people are always asking me how the hills and my trips down them were.

Father, you are a blessing to me today and every day.  Thank you for your continued protection and for safety.  I love you.  Amen.

Psalm 91:1-16

March 10


I love birthdays.  I love to wish people “Happy Birthday.”  I love to make birthday cakes.  I love to surprise people with special gifts.  I can’t think of anything about birthdays that I don’t love.

Today is the birthday of my friend at the Long term Care  portion of the hospital.  Her daughter is bringing lasagna and ravioli from the pizza place in town.  Another friend is bringing salad and I am bringing cake and homemade vanilla ice cream.

She finally told me she wants a carrot cake without pineapple but with nuts.  I turned to my daughter for a good recipe as I haven’t  made a carrot cake in a long, long time.  My daughter didn’t let me down and sent me a great recipe from Cook’s Illustrated. It is complex, but not undoable so I worked on that this morning.  It ends up in layers with a cream cheese frosting and my daughter suggested coating the sides with toasted walnuts since the recipe itself does not call for them.

It turned out well I thought.  One of the men at the party said it reminded him of a cut log and thought I could go into the wood business.  I thought that was pretty funny.

One of the nicest things about this birthday was the fact that her daughter and husband came after me and brought me home.  The hill I live on was terrible and never plowed today so that was a very special blessing indeed.

God gives us some of the most unexpected and special blessings at some of the best times.  It reminds me of a book my husband and I read long, long ago titled “The Blessing.”  It is about giving the gift of unconditional love and acceptance and referred to parents giving this blessing to their children.  It was a life changing experience for me to read this book and I would recommend it to any parent.  It is never too late to give your child, even an adult, this blessing.

God gives us his unconditional love and acceptance and I believe it is our responsibility to give this gift to our children and to others as well.  We can be the one who shares this gift with others.  I am so thankful I have experienced this gift.

Father, thank you for the gift of your unconditional love and acceptance.  Help me to share your gift with others every day.  Amen.

John 3:16, Romans 5:8

March 9


When the Israelites had problems, sometimes they turned to God. Other times, they ignored his commands.  We know the results of each of these decisions.  We ought to take notice of their record.

I have a student who is trying to get a state ID card which will allow him to travel.  He has a SSN, but no card.  However, the state website and an actual person in the department of motor vehicles confirmed the information I found.  You have to know your number (which he does) and you do not need the actual card.  The number you provide must match up with the database which will tell the employee at the DMV that you are the person with that number.

Hopefully, we can get this problem resolved.  I told him this morning we needed to pray and that I would be praying about this problem.  A long time ago he was part of our Sunday School so I know he knows about praying.  I am hoping he will remember what he has learned and turn to God.  What a wonderful opportunity to see God at work.

Father, thank you for daily reminders of your awesome power.  Help remind this student of just how great you are.  Thank you. Amen.

Romans 4:12


March 8


When the children of Israel crossed the Jordan and followed the Lord’s commands to march around the walls of Jericho, they exhibited obedience and understanding.  After wandering in the wilderness for 40 years, they finally realized they needed to follow their leader and the Lord’s commands.

We need that understanding in our lives too.  Yesterday a friend called with news about his mother’s erratic behavior and I immediately thought she might have Alzheimer’s Disease.  Since she does not live here, I think it is imperative for him to talk to the doctor and get the true diagnosis.  However, in the meantime I urged him not to argue with her and to try to be understanding.  I encouraged him to think about the fact that she probably does not have the ability to act in a rational manner at this point in her life.

I think I have some understanding of how people with this disease act from my many visits to the hospital and long term care.  I think my friend lacks that understanding because he is not familiar with people who have this disease.

We need understanding in all areas of our life.  It helps us show empathy and encouragement and we can offer a listening ear no matter what the problem is.

By understanding I don’t mean we have to completely have knowledge of how or why something is happening  We simply need to be able to be tolerant and forgiving which is a big step forward in dealing with others. Being understanding helps us be sympathetic and considerate.  These go a long way in developing relationships with others.

Father, help me to exhibit true understanding and to encourage it in others.  Amen.

Psalm 119:130; Proverbs 2:2-5

March 7

Sliming the principal….

In one of their many efforts to raise money for their trip to Hawaii, the CHS Music Department sponsored a Penny war where the grades deposited pennies and other coins to see who could top the list.  All silver coins counted for you and pennies counted against you.  The competition was stiff and the seventh grade prevailed and were announced as the winners.

Their prize was pouring slime all over the principal.  That event took place this afternoon in front of the student body.  The music teacher concocted a mixture of two 5 gallon buckets of green slime and each seventh grader was given a cup of slime to pour or toss over the principal.

At the end of the cups, two kids were given the wonderful task of poring the rest of the slime over her head.

She took it all in stride and really exhibited a great attitude about the whole thing.  Apparently it was a pretty cold mix as she shivered when the first cups were thrown on her.  It took a little doing to get rid of enough of the slime that she could go home to shower and change.  Several female teachers were there to help her accomplish the task and she used a window squeegee to get rid of a lot of the slime on her shirt and legs.

Of course the kids loved it and I got lots of great photos of the entire event which are now posted on Facebook with her permission.

In Ecclesiastes the Bible reminds us that having fun is a good thing.  Sometimes we forget that and think about work above all else, but we need to remember that fun is good.

Father, thank you for fun, for good times, for work and for your love.  Help  us to put the areas of our life into perspective and guide us each day.  Amen

Ecclesiastes 8:15