February 23

Things work out when you trust God….

Lately I’ve been reading some books with this as their focus.  In two of the books, the main character needed to seek forgiveness which seemed almost insurmountable.  In another, the main character faced the problem of letting go of the past and trusting Jesus.

I know personally how important it is to trust God.  I remember times in my life when I had to trust him.  I used to be a person who did not stand up for myself or exert my opinion on certain subjects.  A lot of experience over the past recent years has made me a different person today.  I cling to those verses in the Bible that admonish us to trust and turn loose of worry.  I know they are pointing me in the right direction and I trust them to lead me forward without worry.

I try to model this behavior in my daily life and to show a Godly countenance to all.  I won’t say I am successful every day at all times, but I really seek this and pray for myself to be a testimony and a blessing to others.

I love all the verses in the Bible that encourage me to trust, not to worry, and I have tried to commit them to memory so I can rely on them during the day.  I know God is leading me and that is a daily blessing.

I want to be a person others can look to and see this dependence on Jesus.  I want to spark joy in them.

Father, your word is filled with hope, mercy and grace and I am blessed to know you have given me those gifts.  Help me to show my dependence on you daily in all I do.  Amen.

Proverbs 16:20


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